Modem wave playback by Windows Fax and Scan RRS feed

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  • Windows Fax and Scan desktop app on a latest Win 10 64-bit PC sends and receives faxes OK, but when sending faxes via my Conexant USB Data Fax Modem with Unimodem Audio device driver, there is no wave playback of fax rings via PC speakers: neither the outgoing PC fax ringing, no the destination fax reply rings, no documents transmit sound. Faxes of course work, ring and communicate to establish connection and send & receive documents, but the rings won't sound through PC speakers.

    Its very annoying to observe total silence at sending faxes. How I can enable sending and replying fax rings playback through default Windows speakers? Found nothing on the web and in Help about it. In Tools - Fax Settings - Tracking all Sound Options are enabled by default, but even there I can't find the option to play outgoing and receiving faxes rings exchange.

    May be I should enter an extra initialization string for wave playback in Device Manager's Fax Device Properties - Advanced tab? How such string should look like for Conexant CX930XX chipset used by the Fax Modem? I tried ATM2<CR>+VSP1<CR>, but still no ring or document transmit sound played by PC speakers.

    P.S. When using Venta Fax & Voice package instead of Windows Fax and Scan, modem rings are played OK via PC speakers while using the same USB modem drivers, when Real Time Message Review mode (Call Screening) is enabled in Venta Fax. This means, installed with Fax Modem Unimodem Audio Device driver works OK, the fault is within Windows Fax and Scan not sending the line rings to speakers.

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