Dropping support for CF in R3? RRS feed

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  • Can you provide more details about this? Is it just that it isn't supported but might still work. Basically it didn't go through QA. Or was something done which broke the compatibility with CF?

    Thanks, CF support is very important for us and would hate to lose this

    Friday, May 21, 2010 1:49 AM


  • CF does not work in R3 because there are no CF versions of the core DLLs included in the kit.

    One reason for dropping support is that VS2010 does not support CF development in any Edition. Going forward this would mean people would have to keep working with an older version of Visual Studio. (By the way, there has never been CF support in the Express Editions of Visual Studio).

    There are very few changes to CCR/DSS for R3. So you can continue to use R2 and probably not notice the difference. However we had to ship a new release in order to switch to the no cost model and change the EULA.

    Also, R2 and R3 can be installed side-by-side, and there are no breaking changes at the source code level so services from R3 should compile under R2 (after running DssProjectMigration). I recommend that you don't use VS2010 in this case -- stick with VS2008.



    Friday, May 21, 2010 10:53 PM