How to go back in the stack when hitting getResultsOfAsyncOp() RRS feed

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  • Sometimes my app halts in the dynamically created function getResultsOfAsyncOp that looks like this:

    function getResultsOfAsyncOp(op, asyncOpType, asyncOpSource, asyncOpCausalityId) {
        (Debug && (Debug.setNonUserCodeExceptions = true));
        return op.getResults();

    The stacktrace is this:


    > getResultsOfAsyncOp [Function code] Line 339 Script
    op.completed [Function code] Line 428 Script

    The asyncOpSource gives me a clue where the call originates from, but no other context information is given. How can I find out what really happened "over there" in the async op source?

    Wednesday, December 10, 2014 9:58 PM

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