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    Dear WebsitePanel customers!
    We would like to thank you all for gathering such an active and supportive community around WebsitePanel. As an open-source project, WebsitePanel is driven by customer requirements and is being developed and supported with the great help from the community.
    Although WebsitePanel is not a Microsoft product, Microsoft does development and project coordination work for it and also provides paid support for WebsitePanel. Since WebsitePanel works with a huge list of 3rd party products, we would like to clarify what paid support for WebsitePanel by Microsoft covers:
    ·         WebsitePanel functionality
    Microsoft will provide assistance with WebsitePanel installation, configuration and upgrade issues that cause WebsitePanel functionality work not as expected. Bugs and feature requests identified will be reported to WebsitePanel product team to be prioritized for future releases.
    Community contributions (language packs,  added features, bug fixes) are not supported by Microsoft.
    ·         3rd party products (including Microsoft products)
    Microsoft provides paid support for the WebsitePanel product itself.  Support for the software systems managed by WebsitePanel is provided by the publisher or manufacturer of those software systems. For example support for SmarterMail is provided by SmarterTools.  Likewise support for Microsoft products such as IIS is provided by Microsoft support under the standard product support channels.
    ·         Exchange solution
    Microsoft will not provide support for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 with WebsitePanel.  Multi-tenancy in Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 is not supported by Microsoft. WebsitePanel implemented Exchange segregation using the guidance provided in this White Paper. The technique documented in this white paper is not supported by Microsoft and consequently not supported under the paid support from Microsoft for WebsitePanel.
    Microsoft does support Exchange 2010 SP1 hosting deployments with WebsitePanel. New in Exchange 2010 SP1 is multi-tenant support for hosting deployments.  WebsitePanel 1.1.0 includes Exchange 2010 SP1 Hosting Mode module that works with this new Exchange 2010 SP1 hosting deployment.  An Exchange 2010 SP1 hosting deployment is created during the installation by passing the /hosting switch.  If Exchange 2010 SP1 was not installed with the /hosting switch then it will not be supported when used with WebsitePanel. This pertains to all current and future releases of WebsitePanel unless explicitly specified otherwise.
     The recommended version of Exchange to use with WebsitePanel is Exchange 2010 SP1 installed with the /hosting switch. Please note that in Exchange 2010 SP1 hosting mode, some features are not available.  For existing installations of Exchange 2007 or 2010 please refer to this guidance on how to migrate your existing environment to Exchange 2010 SP1 hosting deployment.  Please note that migration steps may vary depending on Exchange configuration and look at this article as helpful guidance but not as a complete solution. The guidance provided in this article is not supported by Microsoft.
    If you continue to use Exchange 2007 or 2010 without the /hosting switch please refer to the community forums for support.  Customers who recently upgraded their Exchange 2010 managed by WebsitePanel with SP1 may experience GAL access issue as described here. The workaround for this issue is included to WSP 1.1.0 but additional steps need to be taken to switch it on. Please refer to this post for the guidance on the workaround.

    Inesa Fain - MSFT
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