Language Indicator / Icon / Bar / Shortcut disappears


  • This happens twice for me today. The first time I noticed that I can't switch input method and can't find the icon on the bottom right cornor of the taskbar, as well as the language bar itself, I created a new user, and switch to that user. After adding input method, the new user works correctly, while the old user still have problem, so I delete it. I originally thought that maybe the old user used live ID and obtained the settings according to my previous installation, and there is some bugs related to restore settings from online data.

    However, I was wrong, after several hours and restarts, the brand new local user meets the exactly same problem. The language icon at the bottom right corner disappears, win+space no longer work. All the settings in the control panel are corrent, and there are still some clues to show that I have added the additional input methods, such as I can see the language bar when UAC prompted, or when I shutdown the system (as the green screen shown, I can see the metro-style language icon at the bottom-right corner, and can click and select). However, other than these special situations that make no sense, I still can't switch input method.

    I have searched the internet, and found that it is a problem that also happens in WinVista and Win7. The problem looks exactly same, except that for Win8, the shorcut is different, and there are additional icons for language (but all disappeared now). I've trid all the solutions I found, such as cftmon.exe, enable the "text services framework", etc. However, all these solutions that seem to work for Win7 no longer valid for Win8.

    Btw, I didn't use any special software. All the software works well in Win7, and I never meet this issue in Win7. The hardware is just the same one I use for Win7. Therefore, at least for me, it looks like some kind of new introduced bug.

    I know I may fix it by create a new user and switch to it as what I did several hours ago. However, no one want to switch to a new user every few hours. I'm not looking for a solution cause it's only a developer preview version, I just hope this bug can be fixed later.

    Thursday, November 3, 2011 11:58 AM


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    Thursday, November 3, 2011 6:24 PM
  • Done. Hope that will be helpful.

    I further noticed that for any new created user on my computer, after log off/log in that user, this happens and thus can't switch input method anymore for that user.

    Friday, November 4, 2011 10:56 PM