Command prompt as a keyboard shortcut?


  • Since so many of us use command prompt (either regular or elevated) I was curious if it was possible to add a key command for it (like Windows key+C for a regular window and Windows key+Shift+C for an elevated window).  Right now I can simply press Start, type in cmd, hold ctl+shift and hit enter to get the elevated window, but especially with Metro, after installing a bunch of apps and having a rather full, constantly updating Start screen, being able to bypass the search screen would save a lot of time.
    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 4:18 PM

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  • In Windows 7 you might create two shortcuts to the cmd, open its properties and for one on the compatibility tab check run as administrator. Then set your prefered hotkeys combination in the Shortcut field in the Shortcut tab (still in the Properties window). I guess it might also work for Windows 8.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011 4:28 PM