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  • I'm trying to connect programmatically in C# to Exchange 2007 server via a Powershell runspace to AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom list of the mailbox (Room mailbox/resource mailbox) .

    The code is executing without any error, but the user is not getting added to the list.


    Here is my code


                RunspaceConfiguration rc = RunspaceConfiguration.Create();

                PSSnapInException snapEx = null;

                PSSnapInInfo info = rc.AddPSSnapIn("Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.Admin", out snapEx);

                Runspace r = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace(rc);


                RunspaceInvoke ri = new RunspaceInvoke(r);


                string str = "Set-Mailbox -Identity '" + MeetingRoomName + "' -AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom ((Get-Mailbox -identity '" + MeetingRoomName + "').AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom + " + strUser + ")";


                ICollection<PSObject> results = ri.Invoke(str);



    Could someone please look at my code and let me know how I would go about fixing it so that the Set-Mailbox command runs successfully, and user name should get added to AcceptMessagesOnlyFrom list of the MeetingRoom(Mailbox) in exchange server.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    *Room mailbox: This is a mailbox to be assigned specifically to Meeting Rooms.

    Its associated user account will be disabled in Active Directory.

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