Problem when resizing a SurfaceImageSource RRS feed

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  • I want to have a full screen image whose source is a SurfaceImageSource. So I have the image's width and height bound to the xaml page's ActualWidth and ActualHeight.

    It looks fine when it starts:

    Then when the screen rotates, I create a new SurfaceImageSource with the width and height swapped, and associate with the image. This is when it starts looking interesting:

    In portrait orientation, I do draw on a 800(W)x1280(H) rectangle. I guess the runtime does some tricks to rotate and stretch the SurfaceImageSource. I just couldn't figure out what exactly it does.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

    Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:25 PM


  • Just guessing, but it looks like you're double-swapping the width and the height. When rotating the app's width and height should be set to 800W and 1280H, so if you swap that again you'll get 1280W by 800H.

    If you post more detail about what you're actually doing. Can you post a minimal sample that demonstrates the problem to your OneDrive?


    Friday, April 18, 2014 1:17 AM