Tile should be updated even received the same notification


  • Hi, 

    Here is my code:

    var template = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileTemplateType.tileWideImage;
    var tileXml = Windows.UI.Notifications.TileUpdateManager.getTemplateContent(template);
    var tileImageAttributes = tileXml.getElementsByTagName("image");
    tileImageAttributes[0].setAttribute("src", "ms-appdata:///local/currentTile.png");
    tileNotification = new Windows.UI.Notifications.TileNotification(tileXml);

    My tile is pretty simple, it is a single image.

    I'll update the image every time, then send the notification (of course, because I'm using the same file name, the notification I send is the same too).

    But I find the tile doesn't update at all, unless I use another file name (make the notification a little bit different).

    As a workaround, I have to send two tile notifications every time, first set the tile to my logo, then set it back to "currentTile.png".

    The workaround works perfectly, however I have to say the code looks stupid.

    Should I consider this as a bug?  Or these is something wrong in my code?

    Thanks in advanced.



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  • Hi Alex,

    The suspect the problem here is that since the data is identical the tile system doesn't realize it has changed and so optimizes out the bitmap load and uses the version it already has cached. The typical pattern would be to use a different file name for different bitmaps, but I'll make a note that we should look into this scenario more closely.


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