Visual Studio 2015 isn't responding after I create/associate the WP8.1/10 with the store


  • So I think the title of this question explained every thing I wanna tell you about my problem , I'm installed windows 10 the final release and then VS15 with windows 10 tools and emulators the problem that i'm facing is : after I go to project==>store and then tap associate app with the store or create app packages I got the (Visual Studio is not responding) message and then the program restart it self , I'm facing this problem with both windows phone versions (8.1 & 10) even with the windows 8.1 projects , also I'm facing the problem that block me of deploy my windows 10 apps to the mobile emulator , I tried to deploy wp8.1 app to the windows 10 mobile emulator and it worked smoothly !! I think those to problems related some way ! and I hope to find the answer that i'm looking for :)

    I'm so sorry about my bad language :)

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015 11:57 PM