How to copy .exe files from the host into a hyper-v macnine RRS feed

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  • I am setting up Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, I do not have access to the internet in my virtual machine (Named VAN-EX1) I have setup a Domain Control machine (Named VAN-DC) I have setup my HOST machine with 2 NIC cards, I have connection to the internet from the HOST so as I need files I save them across the net to my host.

    How do I bring the setup.exe files from the host  into the virtual environment ???

    I have tried Media>DVD Drive/Diskette Drive

    However the file filter will not let me copy any files into the virtual environment.

    Any help will be gratefully appreciated.



    Sunday, November 18, 2012 4:21 PM


    1. in order to open a file from the host computer, all files must be in a .ISO file ( i.e. myExchangeFiles.iso )
    2. start the virtual machine in my case VAN-EX1
    3. locate the .iso file on the host computer
    4. Once located go to your virtual machine you want to Launch/Run
    5. in the menu bar click Media+DVD Drive to bring the iso file into the virtual machine environment like an extra drive
    6. the .iso file will open like a compressed file
    7. find the file (.exe or .com ) you want to run inside the opened .iso file
    8. Double click on the file to launch/run the file



    Sunday, December 2, 2012 9:46 PM