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  • Hello,

    We have the Office 365 mail app which retrieves the mailbox items from Exchange Server 2013 using FindItem operation.

    Until a certain time we fetch the all items per one request. But one day we ran into getting the error in the FindItem response with the error code "ErrorExceedFindCountLimit". I found that using indexed page view is the best practice to avoid such kind of error. So we modified the source code of the mail app to support paging request with 10 items per each one.

    On our test environment it works OK. I see the paged request going out to the server and paged response is coming. However, on production environment we still receive "ErrorExceedFindCountLimit" error.

    I found that the limit of items returned for the "FindItem" operation is a part of throttling policy and it can be configured using Exchange Server cmdlet. However, based on the article EWSFindCountLimit parameter doesn't exist anymore for ES 2013 cmdlet. It makes me confused as the mentioned issue occurs on production environment and as the result we are not able to configure test environment to reproduce the issue.

    Could you please advise how the EWSFindCountLimit setting can be configured in Exchange Server 2013.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Oleg Sivakov

    Friday, August 8, 2014 10:11 AM

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  • As per the link you referenced in 2013 in Exchange Online and OnPrem you can't configure this it's pretty much hardcoded to 1000 items if you don't use a Restriction (or SearchFilter) or 250 items if you do.

    Is the production environment an OnPremise Exchange 2013 server or Office365 ? If its OnPrem then check the EWS Logs on the CAS server. Are you using Service account to make the requests ? If its Office365 then you should make sure your using the X-AnchorMailbox Header in your request


    Monday, August 11, 2014 4:28 AM