ddproxy of Windows-driver-samples does not work RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I built ddproxy of Windows-driver-samples from github.
    Then ICMP works, but UDP does not work.
    Please help me why UDP does not work, and how to fix it ?

    The environment is:
    - PC-A(Linux,,running UDP server with port 8080)
    - PC-B(Linux,, running UDP server with port 8738)
    - PC-Z(Win10,
       registry for ddproxy:
        -> DestinationAddressToIntercept:
        -> DestinationPortToIntercept: 8080
        -> NewDestinationAddress:
        -> NewDestinationPort: 8738

    What I did are:
    1) PING test
    - set registry "InspectUdp" 0
    - ping (PC-A) at PC-Z(
    - PC-B( received the ICMP ECHO REQUEST, and send ICMP ECHO REPLY to PC-Z(
    - it worked correctly.

    2) UDP test
    - set registry "InspectUdp" 1
    - send UDP8080 from PC-Z(
    - PC-B( received the UDP8738, and the UDP server send UDP packet to PC-Z(
    - But, UDP client on PC-Z did not receive the packet.
    - I confirmed PC-Z received the packet by wireshark on PC-Z.

    Of course, I disable Windows Defender  on PC-Z.

    Friday, July 3, 2020 11:06 PM