Tool that documents/displays the project hierarchy within a given solution


  • Hello,

    Is there any tool built into Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 that enables you to document the project hierarchy within a given solution?

    For example, if DLL 1 calls DLL 2, and DLL 2 calls DLL 3, and DLL 1 calls DLL 3, the output that I am contemplating might look as follows:

    DLL 1

                DLL 2

                            DLL 3

    However, you would probably need a diagram with connecting lines, with a line connecting DLL 1 to DLL 3 and DLL 2 to DLL 3, as the above hierarchy view does not communicate that DLL 1 calls DLL 3 directly.

    Many thanks.


    R K Howard

    Friday, February 26, 2016 11:38 AM


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