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  • I'm using Microsoft Graph<draft> to create permissions on SharePoint folders within a library for external users and groups.  I'm using "<draft>{siteId}/drives/{drive-id}/items/{item-id}/invite".  </draft>When doing this I was originally getting a return JSON that included a link attribute with a child attribute of webUrl.  It seems from my run logs that around the middle of August Microsoft Graph stopped returning the link attribute, the api seems to still be working and providing permissions, but without the link & webUrl in the API response. The service that I created was fairly new in August, so I'm not sure if the link and webUrl was something I was receiving due to original permission being granted to these groups and users  or if something went away around then.  I tend to think that something went away at that time, but as I said it was new and I'm using Microsoft Flow to call these API's so I lost my historical run log after a month and the process is not used but a couple times a week leaving me with less data than necessary to try to extrapolate what happened.</draft>

    <draft>Due to this I'm unable to send out the link as I was in the past.  I can probably use the sendinvitation parameter and avoid all of this, but then my communications are somewhat limited.  Is there a way to still get the webUrl as part of the /invite response or am I just out of luck?  I couldn't find any documentation on a change that would have effected this either.  I've visited Microsoft Graph's Known issues and Microsoft Graph's Change Log  Also, if there is a better place to post this question, please advise, I'm unable to find a community for the Microsoft Graph other than the Microsoft Graph Security community which I believe is dedicated to the a specific set of API's dedicated to security separate from those that I'm using with this /invite API.</draft>

    Friday, September 7, 2018 9:26 PM