Updating Webforms from version 9 to 10 RRS feed

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    I'm having an issue when changing the dll of my webforms from version 9 to 10.

    changed all the versions in the Webconfig and the ReportView aspx page.

    But as soon as i try getting the paramtersArea in the reportviewer

    public List<ReportParameter> GetClientParameters(ReportViewer viewer)

                Control paramsArea = FindParametersArea(viewer);
                List<ReportParameter> thisParams = new List<ReportParameter>();

                FindParameters(paramsArea, thisParams);
                return thisParams;


            private Control FindParametersArea(ReportViewer viewer)
                foreach (Control child in viewer.Controls)
                    if (child.GetType().Name == "ParametersArea") return child;

                return null;


    I get this error a noscript error as this returns a null.

    but on version 9 codes works perfectly.

    please help.

    Kind Regards



    Wednesday, March 4, 2015 8:02 AM