Using hole table file to generate G-code(CNC code) to drilll holes using VBA program. RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I am currently working on a project that involves using a solidworks hole table as shown:

    A1,38,76.50,<MOD-DIAM> 5.00 THRU ALL
    A2,40,10,<MOD-DIAM> 5.00 THRU ALL
    A3,66,52.50,<MOD-DIAM> 5.00 THRU ALL
    B1,90,24.50,<MOD-DIAM> 8.50 THRU ALL

    Currently i have the file read in to a text box and now need it to read through and select the 5.00 Thru all as a certain tool number say "N100 T1 M6" for example. The N100 is just a line number, T1 is the tool and M6 is a command such as machine on.

    I then need it to generate co-ordinate positions and the operation for the tool such as "N120 G90 X-38. Y-76.50. S1500 M03". The N is just the next line number and the G is another command but the X and Y co-ordinates are important here.

    Any suggestions?


    Joe Dan.

    Thursday, February 6, 2020 5:36 PM