Is there any other way that we can do submission using WLK1.6? RRS feed

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  • We are applying for WHQL Certificate to get our GSM Mobile (RNDIS) device certified.

    And for that, we used WLK1.6 to do Windows7 hardware Logo Test as below URL.

    But when we tried to upload WQReady.xml file through Hardware certification > Create WLK submission on DashBoard, we received below error message.

    “This WQReady includes the following operating systems which are no longer supported for certification or signing:(Windows 7 Client,Windows 7 Client x64,Windows Vista Client,Windows Vista Client x64,Windows XP).”

    Our device must be certified under “Unclassified”, because it’s 2G GSM Mobile(RNDIS) device.

    The new HCK2.0 doesn’t have 2G GSM Mobile(RNDIS) device, so we can’t certify our device.


    So let me ask you some questions as below and please reply me.

    Is there any other way that we can do submission using WLK1.6?
    If we go to Dev Center –Hardware > Certify >Windows7 (Below URL), we must be able to use WLK1.6 to certify our device. So please double-confirm if WLK1.6 really doesn’t support.

    In case we use HCK2.0, can we get our device certified as “Unclassified”
    Please refer to the attached file, in case you need to check it.

    Thanks and look forward to your reply.

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:46 AM

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  • Please find the workaround for submission for WLK 1.6 below.

    1. Use HCK 2.0 to create an empty  package
      • Matching Operating System
      • Matching Product Type
      1. Place tested WLK 1.6 package in Readme Folder
  • Submit on Sysdev
Friday, October 25, 2013 9:03 PM