How to get Empty Column data to Client RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    Im having sharepoint Site and a list associated with Site. Now in the list, every listitem has 5-10 columns. Some of the list item doesnot have any data for some columns. Im developing a WPF application, where it uses sharepoint webservices to pull list item information and Meta Information about list item. When i try to pull meta data information from sharepoint service,it gets the data but Skips Column's with Empty Data.

    i,e if listitem 1 has no data for Column1 then XML send my Sharepoint webservice doesnot have any information about tht empty columns

            string rowLimit = "100";
            // Instantiate an XmlDocument object 
            System.Xml.XmlDocument xmlDoc = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();
            System.Xml.XmlElement query = xmlDoc.CreateElement("Query");
            System.Xml.XmlElement viewFields = xmlDoc.CreateElement("ViewFields");
            System.Xml.XmlElement queryOptions = xmlDoc.CreateElement("QueryOptions");
            /*Use CAML query*/
            query.InnerXml = "<Where><Gt><FieldRef Name=\"ID\" />" + "<Value Type=\"Counter\">0</Value></Gt></Where>";
            viewFields.InnerXml = "<FieldRef Name=\"Title\" /><FieldRef Name=\"Location\" /><FieldRef Name=\"Scrum_x0020_Master\" /><FieldRef Name=\"Technology\" Nullable=\"TRUE\" />"
    I Also Set Nullable = true, But i dont see information about column for an listitem from sharepoint webservice. iS this expected since some time webservices with NULL/ empty string doesnot get send back to client from server

    Thursday, March 24, 2011 3:12 PM