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    In our Dev CRM, I noticed that there are two system created relationships between the Currency entity and Duplicate Record entity.  This is causing customization import errors when we export the CRM customizations from DEV and attempt to import into QA.  These relationships don't exist in QA and I am not quite sure how they are created in DEV in the first place.  We recently had to remove update rollup 11 from DEV because we were having issues with it and I am wondering if that could be the cause.   The details of the relationships are as follows:

    Schema Name                                                             Primary Entity           Related Entity           Type of Behavior       Field Name                     State                  

    transactioncurrency_DuplicateBaseRecord                     currency                      Duplicate Record          System                      Base Reocrd ID                Unmanaged

    transactioncurrency_DuplicateMatchingRecord               currency                      Duplicate Record          System                      Duplicate Reocrd ID         Unmanaged

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013 11:30 PM


  • Damn; it's protected (verified in a CRM Org here).

    In the short term, you can hack the relationship out of the Solution exported from dev:

    1. Extract zip file contents
    2. Edit customizations.xml
    3. Search for relationship(s) by name
    4. Delete the nodes
    5. Zip contents back up
    6. Import

    But obviously that is not a sustainable (or desirable) solution.

    --pogo (pat) @

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