Softkey problem on Openwave devices and real cell phones (siemens) RRS feed

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    Hello! I'm having a problem with softkeys as the headline says. The MobilePage automatically renders the first two links it finds in a form as wml 'accept' and 'options' links in this kind of way: <do type="accept" label="First"> <go href="/myApp/FirstLinkFoundOnPage.aspx" /> </do> <do type="options" label="Secnd"> <go href="/myApp/SecondLinkFoundOnPage.aspx" /> </do> The openwave devices map these two links to the two soft keys such that they are always displayed unless your cursor is over another link, in which case the righthand softkey changes to the SoftkeyLabel leaving the left hand link as the top link on the page. So if I have more than 2 links on a page it looks very strange, and there are no logic in the navigation on the page. If I use a script template to add my own <do type="accept" ... > wml to a page the device still picks up the code that was automatically inserted by default. I have tried to alter the numberOfSoftkeys parameter in the machine.config. Like this: numberOfSoftkeys = ${softkeys} to this: numberOfSoftkeys = 1 This have effect on some devices (only the right softkey are visible) but not all. HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS???!!!!
    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 6:27 PM

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    I have the same problem now. I tried to inherit conrtrol or create a user control (with link), but the problem remains.

    Does anyone knows the solution ?

    Wednesday, January 18, 2006 10:23 AM