Visual Studio for Mac, Mac Cocoa App, Storyboard editing and outlets, where's the .h file?


  • I am doing something wrong, I'm sure of it, I just can't figure out what.

    I've found numerous tutorials on building Mac apps using Xamarin Studio and Xamarin Mac and I was hoping they would still be somewhat valid even though the product has been rebranded Visual Studio for Mac, but alas, there is something happening on the way.

    This topic is about the preview of Visual Studio for Mac, as released to the general public during Microsoft Connect 2016, it is not about Xamarin.Mac as a product, nor about Xamarin Studio as a product, though this question mentions both. Nor is it about Visual Studio Code.

    Here's one such tutorial for Xamarin Studio:,_mac/

    At some point it mentions that to create outlets, "you drag into the Objective-C stub files that correspond to the C# file where you want to create the Outlet or Action. Xamarin Studio created a file called ViewController.h as part of the shim Xcode Project it generated to use the Interface Builder:" and then it shows a screenshots that in the left side clearly shows a full project structure, including the expected .h file.

    Now, if I do these steps:

    1. Start Visual Studio for Mac
    2. Create a new Cocoa Mac App
    3. Double-click the Storyboard file

    Then Xcode is opened up but the project structure consists of just the storyboard file, no .h file, no folder structure, no nothing.

    So what am I doing wrong? Is the preview just so "preview-y" that it doesn't include this part of the product yet? Or is the procedure for editing storyboards completely different now?

    Perhaps I need to install additional tools into Xcode? I've checked the preferences pane and the Components sub-section and it lists plenty of iOS, tvOS and watchOS simulators, and some documentation, but nothing related to Mac development.

    I've also checked the preferences dialog for Visual Studio for Mac but I haven't found anything that would explain the behavior.

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    Monday, November 21, 2016 8:45 PM