Workflows not starting when invoked by another workflow


  • Hi,

    This seems well reported.  My situation is below, but it doesn't seem uncommon but I can not find or make a fix for it.  Using Office 365/SharePoint Online and would really appreciate some guidance.

    A single list, with two 2013 workflows.  Workflows are described below but essentially, Workflow 2 is set to start on item creation.  Unfortunately, Workflow 2 doesn't trigger as the item is created by the System Account from Workflow 1.

    I've attempted the below with none fixing the issue:

    • Setting a 2010 workflow on item creation to update a field Workflow 2
    • App Step
    • 2010 Workflow rules, but the looping required is too difficult (for me at least!

    Workflow 1
    This Workflow has been manually triggered on the first item and creates a new item daily as intended.

    Workflow 2
    A 6 hours pause then checks several values.  A notification email is sent, loop to the start for another 6 hour pause then another notification and so on.  Repeat until values are met and the workflow ends.


    Thursday, January 5, 2017 11:32 PM

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