Working of Kinect V2 in sunlight ? and how much data is lost in direct sunlight ?? RRS feed

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  • Depends on many factors. I've found that many sources of IR(whose band overlaps or that are orders of magnitude more intense than Kinect's sensor) that end up sending beams towards the sensor mess with the data. Also the environment plays its part. Reflective materials also end up reflecting light towards the sensor. Pretty much it can easily result in overexposure. If IR frame is overexposed, then the Depth frame will become noisy if not messed up completely and therefore the body tracking as well.

    The best way to ascertain it would be to install the sensor at the place you want and fire up Kinect Studio and take several recordings. Then check the IR frame and the Depth frame and see whether the data are of satisfactory quality or messed up.

    In general I've come to the conclusion that the design of Kinect was mainly for indoors and mostly household rooms. So any other place is automatically deemed "May or may not work". So you'll have to test it out.

    Sunday, December 10, 2017 11:12 AM