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  • I am writing a certenroll application in windows vista, and do a IX509PrivateKey::Create() function. This is returning 0x80004003( Invalid pointer ) handle, where as this was done successfully in windows xp using ICEnroll::createFilePKCS10. Breakup of the logs show that the key pair is generated succesfully, and the XP createFilePKCS10 used to call a GetUserKey after this, which is not happening in vista..can i get some info on the create function,Any help will be appreciated.



    Wednesday, November 1, 2006 12:03 PM

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  • what was your solution to this? I have similar issues creating a pkcs10 request for use in a 3rd party CA. If using IX509PrivateKey object is the solution, as I saw you referenced in a different thread, where do you specify the important things such as DN, OID?
    Tuesday, January 23, 2007 9:16 PM
  • Any update on above issue ???
    Tuesday, May 26, 2009 6:04 AM
  • The thing is that not all CertEnroll methods (and properties) are web enabled. You are not supposed to call IX509PrivateKey::Create() method.
    You should create a private key instance starting from a enrollment factory and set the parameters you need (key size, protection parameters and so on)
    After that, IX509CertificateRequestPkcs10::InitializeFromPrivateKey() and IX509Enrollment::CreateRequest() methods should do all the work.

    Take a look at the source code of Verisign's enrollment web page: https://digitalid.verisign.com/client/class1MS.htm
    It might help you.
    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 1:35 AM