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    I'm working on BIOS development for tablet device.In my tablet running trail version of windows, In device manger showing the accelrometer under sensor category without any warning or error(shows this device working properly  on general tab of device manager).But when I run accelerometer tester or sensor tester or any games shows no accelrometer found.Is any problem with implementation of accelerometer in windows or we need to enable any options/settings in windows ??????

    The implementation for accelerometer acpi table is shown below

    Scope(\_SB.I2CA) //I2CA is the interface which connect Accelerometer directly


    Name(_ADR, Zero)
    Name(_HID, "SMO8840")
    Name(_CID, "SMO8840")
    Name(_UID, One)
    Method(_STA, 0, NotSerialized){
    Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized){
     Name (SBUF, ResourceTemplate (){
       I2cSerialBus (0x0018, ControllerInitiated, 0x00061A80,                  //0x0018 - slave address , 0x00061A80 - freequncy

    AddressingMode7Bit, "\\_SB.I2CA",               // SB.I2CA - I2C source 
    0x00, ResourceConsumer, ,
    Return (SBUF)
    Method(_ONT, 0, NotSerialized)
     Return(Package(6) {Zero, One, 0x02, Zero, Zero, Zero})

    } // End Scope(\_SB.I2CA) 

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    Thursday, August 13, 2015 6:10 AM