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  • I'm currently developing an internal web app that uses a mail-to tag to send an email.  But I have to be able to change the reply-to field, or from address in the email automatically.  I'm pretty sure there is no way to do that through a mailto tag, but could somebody please let me know one way or the other if they know.

    Also since the mailto probably won't be sufficient to do what we need it to do. . . could somebody give me a recommendation as to how I could make this happen?

    ie:  Bill clicks "Send EMAIL" but when he sends the email, it needs to be from support@acompany.com, not bill@aCompany.com. . . and it must be sent through outlook.

    could I use vsto to do this?

    Monday, January 8, 2007 5:14 PM


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    Would you like to try this?

    1. In a web form, hyperlink can be used to send an email. e.g.

      <A HREF="mailto:mtscf@microsoft.com?   subject=Feedback&amp; body=The%20InetSDK%20Site%20Is%20Superlative">
      Yes you may manipulate reply-to or from fields either from client side using JavaScript, or from server side using System.Web.UI.WebControls.HyperLink class, by changing the value of "HREF".

    2. Since you prefer sending out email through Outlook, I will assume that Outlook is installed on the client computer. To send out a mail from support@aCompany.com, please make sure:
      a. Account support@acompany.com is configured as the default mail account in Outlook.
      b. Outlook is the default mail editor.

    This is more likely a web development question. You may find more intesting topics at MSDN ASP .NET Forum. (http://forums.asp.net/)

    VSTO is very useful to help you sending emails when you are working with Office documents, like Word/Excel.


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    Thursday, January 25, 2007 7:39 AM