I can't find security header. How to use access credential? RRS feed

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  • hi, I'm not good English skills.
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
    <WL5G3N0:definitions targetNamespace="" xmlns="" xmlns:WL5G3N0="" xmlns:WL5G3N1="http://docs.oasis-" xmlns:WL5G3N2="http://openapi/sdp" xmlns:WL5G3N3=""
      <WL5G3N0:import location="" namespace=""/>
      <wsp:UsingPolicy WL5G3N0:Required="true"/>
      <wsp:Policy WL5G3N1:Id="Auth.xml">
        <wssp:Identity xmlns:wssp="">
            <wssp:SecurityToken TokenType="">
              <wssp:UsePassword Type=""/>
            <wssp:SecurityToken TokenType=""/>
    =================operation part=====================
      <WL5G3N0:service name="testApiManagerService">
        <WL5G3N0:port binding="WL5G3N2:testApiManagerSoapBinding" name="testApiManager">
          <WL5G3N3:address location=""/>
    I want to call a operation from wsdl.
    But I can't find usertoken(wsdl to .cs,  wsdl webservice).
    However, when the error was compiled.
    error : 
    Unhandled Exception : System.Web.Service.Protocol.SoapHaederException : No Securoty haeder in massage but required by policy.

    I also tried .dll reference, web service reference, credentialcatch and etc....
    -create .cs option**a)wsdl.exe /l:cs uri
    -create .cs option**b)wsdl.exe /l:cs /d:domain /u:username /p:password
    -create .cs option**c)wsdl.exe /l:cs /pd:.. /pu:.. /pp:..
    However, the same error has occurred.

    Find the wsdl and the existing wsdl the difference 
    Authentication is successful, the call should be.
    I need help, Thanks.
    (,, is fiction)
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