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    Im just starting development of a Client\Server application for transferring data between locations (windows apps, not a web service)

    I just wondering about the best methods for doing a couple of things


    Firstly, the app has to be able to handle up to 255 concurrent connections (and hence 255 connections either doing nothing, or uploading or downloading data all at the same time)

    All 255 connections will download files from a different folder on the server  (i think this should be set client side)

    Has to provide some sort of data encryption on the files being transferred

    All Settings Login\Passwords etc are user defined.

    The server has to be able to display a list (like a datagridview) of all active connections, remote IP's, login names, files in transfer and connection time. This has to be live so it can be seen what files are actually being moved and what speed they are going at

    And all the above needs to be logged on screen and it date\time stamped files.

    I can do the basic coding for the above, but i've never worked with hashtables and datagrids etc before and don't really understand how i would acheive what i require  for some things:

    IE: for the storage of user/pass combos (i could do single user/pass but not sure how to handle creation and storage of up to 255 that have to be checked each time a client connects)

    Generating a "live" datagrid that shows the connections and their status/progress IPS.

    I do not want anyone to post code samples. I would just like some general direction on what i should probably be looking at doing/using, in order to acheive what i require.

    I've made a few posts before about random things as i've been learning, but this is the first stage in a 2-4 year project that im undertaking, and it can be implemented immediately upon completion for a slightly different use

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.





    Sunday, December 18, 2005 4:49 AM