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  •  Hello Guys

     I was reading about the "Minimum Hardware Requirement For Installation of WinServer 2016" but their are certain things I am not able to understand.

    It says that :

    "The System Partition needs additional space if you install the system over the network"

    My comment:

    Sir, I didn't understand this, why do we need additional space on our hard drive specially in System partition when we try to install WinServer 2016 on the machine over network? Does "SYSTEM PARTITION" here refers to "PRIMARY PARTITION"?

    It also says that:

    "If the computer has more than 16 GB of RAM.
    The additional disk space is required for paging, hibernation, and dump files"  

     My comment:

     If the computer has a RAM(physical memory) of atleast 16 GB, then why do we need additional or more diskspace for paging? As far as I know paging file or virtual memory is made on hard drive, when the physical memory(RAM) is not enough and when it  is consumed to great extent and not enough space is their on RAM. But when we have 16 GB of RAM which is more than enough for any application or software to run, then why do we need to to have more or additional disk space on hard drive for virtual memory or paging file?

    Pls kindly forward my question to appropriate forum, I couldn't choose an appropriate forum for my question.

    I hope my questions are clear


    Friday, October 16, 2020 8:50 PM

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  • Virtual memory/page file can be edited by R.clicking my computer/properties/advance settings/Virtual memory/advance/change button.With a hd highlited,set to: let system manage,click set 2X close out,restart pc.With other slave hds,make sure they are enabled,start,type: diskmgmt.msc in msc,L.click on a storage device,go up to actions/all/make active,close out msc..Also,intel performance has a setting to edit the page file,in cmd or run type:regedit in regedit,expand: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\current control set\control\session mgr\open memory management.Locate DisablePagingExecutive\L.click on it,go up to modify,set to 1 from 0 exit regedit,restart pc.Pc ram is good,but the page file with max out ram still has a setting all its own.Also,follow the link bellow.



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  •  Hello Andrew

     Thank you for your reply, well do you really think it is easy and good to play with registry files of WinServer 2016? We don't even touch the registry files of Windows Client OS, how can you expect me to even touch registry file of WinServer 2016?

     What I actually wanted to know that inspite of having a 16 GB RAM(Physical Memory) in a WinServer 2016 computer, do we still need enough space in hard drive for paging files? Is it just a precaution and a recommendation from Microsoft for using WinServer 2016?



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