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    I'm working on a project where we have a wide range of web applications integrated inside AgentDesktop. Of course, we've integrated them by means of CCF's web adapter. But the thing is that some of those sites, lets say, aren't well-done. In particular, while working with them our customers periodically experience that nasty script-error dialog popping up. Needless to say that bothers them a lot.

    OK, not a problem at all, we put the WebBrowser's ScriptErrorsSuppressed property to use. Works pretty well, I have to admit. Too much well, to be precise, as we found out that not only does it suppress the error notifiers but also hides any dialogs IE may want to bring up. There are some useful ones among them, though. Those are yes/no questions, or maybe, OK/cancel variations. The point is the browser won't proceed without those questions getting answered which means that a user isn't able to finish their job and the whole thing about integration becomes useless.

    So, our team came up with an idea to host IE as an external application, since it has a rich set of settings which, by the way, is something different from what WebBrowser WinForms control has. But we stuck again. We integrated IE only  to find it completely malfunctioning. Any web address request (through the standard address bar) ends up as an error message. Some sort of "access denied". Options/menus don't work.

    So, I would really appreciate if anyone could share their own experience on how to fight javascript error pop-ups or/and host IE inside AgentDesktop properly.
    Friday, November 20, 2009 10:59 AM