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  • I have this problem I have asked in visual c++ I believe to be a bug with passing data to queueinputreport from the generichid code from dsf(device simulation framework) in wdk 7.1. Here's what I have but it only works in vbscript or other scripting languages and not c++:

    STDMETHODIMP CMMEmulator::sendinputreport(BYTE inputreport[5], int length)
    	// TODO: Add your implementation code here
    		 _TCHAR szBuffer[100];
        _stprintf_s(szBuffer, _T("%i"), inputreport[1]);
    	MessageBox(NULL,L"value of second byte input report",szBuffer,NULL);
    	SAFEARRAY *test = new SAFEARRAY;
    	  VARIANT HUGEP* pDescriptorData  = NULL;
    	// Create a boundary struct to pass in when we create the SafeArray
        SAFEARRAYBOUND rgsabound[1];
        ZeroMemory(rgsabound, sizeof(rgsabound));
        rgsabound[0].lLbound = 0;
        rgsabound[0].cElements = 5;
        // Create as an Array of Variants becuase that is what the DSF 
        // Interface->put_DeviceSpecificDescriptor is expecting an array of Variants
    	test = SafeArrayCreate(VT_VARIANT, 1, rgsabound);
      if(  test->fFeatures == 0x892)
    	  MessageBox(NULL,L"has correct safearray type",L"correct data format",NULL);
         MessageBox(NULL,L"does not have the correct safearray type",L"incorrect data format",NULL);
        //  test->fFeatures = 2194;
        if( test == NULL )
            // if the create failed, then goto to exit
            hr = E_UNEXPECTED;
            goto Exit;
        // Step through the SAFEARRAY and populate each variant with a Byte value
        //INT descSize2 = sizeof(inputreport);
        for( INT i = 0; i <= 4; ++i )
           pDescriptorData[i].vt = VT_UI1;
    	   pDescriptorData[i].bVal = inputreport[i];
    	  SafeArrayAccessData(test, (void HUGEP**)&pDescriptorData);
    	 _TCHAR szBuffer2[100];
        _stprintf_s(szBuffer2, _T("%i"), test->fFeatures);
    	MessageBox(NULL,L"safe array type",szBuffer2,NULL);
    	return S_OK;
    return hr;

    I hope someone on the wdk forums can tell me if Iam passing the data wrong or if it is an actual error in the code somewhere. I have pre-entered the report descriptors in my version of the generic hid code (also called softhidreceiver.dll) so the devices are created correctly in device simulation framework.  I sometimes get an error about memory corruption and other times it crashes with a bluescreen which disappears too fast to get any information.

    As you can see above I have tried to pass the data but I am having problems with passing a safe array of variants which includes the simulated devices input report. I have tried using variantinit, excluding HUGHP, and SafeArrayAccessData/SafeArrayUnaccessData. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with the above code or do they think its a bug?

    If anyone has had success getting dsf to work can you please share your code?

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    Friday, October 25, 2013 8:09 PM