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  • Hi I am starting a new word automatic document creation project and would welcome any comments on my initial method’s, assumptions and problems I might encounter, suggestions welcome.

    Project Outline: From a document library I would like to choose content from a browser UI by running queries on a DB containing links to content.  The content is then to be inserted into a template after an appropriate header to assemble to document. Further the individual files to contain variables updated with the information entered into the browser or a CRM Dynamics system.

    Main task with assumptions made:  1. Add place holders for graphics and tables in SharePoint library 2. Author template and boilerplate content with variables and links to placeholder graphics/tables to be updated later. 3. Add variables placeholders as ‘QuickPart Fields’ to template, 4. Content files stored in SharePoint Library(s), 5. Use Browser UI/CRM to select content links, 6. Use links to replace required graphics/table ‘placeholders’ (graphics and tables used updated by CRM) in SharePoint library, 7. Use links to build document using template, 8. Content location specified by file name or document object, 9. Update ‘fields’ in template with information entered in UI or CRM system.


    Separate tasks 1. Build SQL DB with links to content, 2. Build CRM Dynamics application, 3. Build browser UI.

    Thursday, November 25, 2010 2:18 PM