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    I write a plugin with vsto into office 2010 and office 2007. In office 2007 all works fine. In office 2010, the plugin doesn't load for all users. For example, i install on admin, and on admin that addin works fine, but if i logout and login on other account, the plugin doesnt work. Fox example(2) If i install addin on admin and don't run office, logout , login for other login, it's be work, but if i relog for admin, on admin it doesn't work. The addin works for user who first run the outlook. I don't know why. But i know, the Local mahine LoadBehavior on plugin is automaticly change from 3 to 2. I try a lot of tricks. I add keys in register for Local mahine, for user, i set key EnableLocalMachineVSTO etc, (how i say before on office 2007 all work's great). The one difference is on office 2007 addin install i have a window with trust addin confirm, on 2010 not. Maybe here is problem ? If yes, then is way to generate free cetrificate ?

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    Now my question is other. The problem now is if i load the outlook and is any error, the outlook auto change loadbehavior from 3 to 2. Ok... i think is the normal procedure, but... the error can be anything. Do some test. Move out the internet cabel, and try the run outlook... and the plugins will be not loaded -.-

    Is any way to not change the load behavior by outlook ?

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:43 AM