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  • Hi everybody,

    I have a question which is very specific, but perhaps someone may help me.

    I'm currently writing an ISAPI filter, and I want to establish a Microsoft exchange server connection through OWA.
    According to filter entry functions called, an OWA connection seems to generate one authentication request for each module it displays : Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, ...

    For one user, on first module authentication request, I create some data, which will be available for all other module authentication requests related to this user. These data are deleted when the corresponding session is closed.

    The standard behaviour should be :

    - myUser authentication request 1 (for example Inbox module)
      no data available for myUser = > first authentication => data creation
    - myUser authentication request N (module N)
      data available for myUser = > use data
    - end of session received => delete data for myUser

    My problem is that, without closing my browser, I receive some EndOfNetSession events during the authentication stage (between module 1 and module N authentication) => data are deleted before full authentication is done.
    And I don't know if these 'end of net session' events are related to myUser connection
    or to another connection (anonymous for example) because no HTTP variable is available in EndOfNetSession ISAPI filter method.

    Does anybody have any idea why these 'end of net session' events are generated, and/or how I can detect which session is closed (session associated to myUser or not) ?

    Thanks a lot.

    Enki B

    Thursday, November 30, 2006 1:50 PM