What's the difference between *.xef and *xrf? RRS feed


  • XEF = Xbox Event File

    XRF = Xbox Raw File

    The .Xef files are the processed files which contains the Stream events from the Kinect Sensor.

    The .xrf files are raw un-processed files. According to the VGB video the raw files are use to be your base truth when building up a repository of gestures. If K4W team ever decides to change how the internal algorithm for processing of events from the K4Wv2 Device works, you can re-generate the .Xef file from the raw .xrf files using KSConvert.exe.

    The .XEF files are used with Gesture builder, KSUtil.exe, and scripting/automation with Gesture builder assemblies to re-generate the Kinect events for your custom application when functional testing your application.

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