What's the Difference between AJAX & Bootstrap? RRS feed

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  • I've been doing SSRS reporting for the past few years and am just starting to get back into true web development. Our SSRS reports were being published in SharePoint (via Performance Point), and this is no longer a good solution due to the explosion of mobile devices, tablets, other browsers, etc.  My company wants to start creating solutions that will be usable in all the areas mentioned above.  A friend suggested I read up on HTML 5 and take a look at the Zurb Foundation, I did and discovered it's a competitor to bootstrap, which seems to be the industry leader at what it does (bootstrap, not Zurb).  This leads to my question -- how is bootstrap different than what I can do using AJAX?  

    To give a little more framework to the answer I'm hoping to get, what I'm really wanting is to start developing with something that is "dynamically scalable" -- it can detect what type of device it's being used on, and/or adjust to browsers being resized.  Is this type of thing "standard" in the current development environment?  Are there advantages to using bootstrap over AJAX, or vice versa?  I'll most likely be developing in Visual Studio 2010, using C#.  I'm not opposed to learning JQuery if that would be a better solution.

    I know this is a vague post, and I'm just looking for ideas and opinions on how the tools function...any help, as always, is appreciated!!

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:41 PM