H264 Video Encoded in Media Session not playing back RRS feed

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  • So I figured Out a majority of the problems I was having with Media Session- Mostly with the fact that you cannot pass IMFMediaType* between Different Objects (Transforms, File Sinks, Media Sources, etc.). Instead you have to make a new IMFMediaType and copy the properties over. I managed to get past the H264 Transform error where the Input was being rejected- which wasn't due to the Video Subtype (YUY2), but instead had to do with the other data I was passing it related to Frame Size, Bit Rate, and such. My Solution to this was to copy the Input IMFMediaType to the Output IMFMediaType and just change the Video SubType to H264.

    Now I have the Media Session Playing the Data to an EVR (Screen/Window) and to a H264 Transform to a File Media Sink. My problem now has to do with the encoded File, It does not play back at all. It looks like there is some form of header in there, and data, but that is about as much as I can figure out.

    I also checked out the ByteStream- it is getting closed by Media Session, which was about the only other problem I could have guessed at.

    Aside from skipping out on Media Session completely and going to the Reader/Writer method, Does anyone know what this problem might be, or how to sniff out what the problem is?

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:45 PM


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