Dealing with Pavilion a6460t Cto, reinstalled Vista Home Premium,SP1Anytime upgrade to Vista Pro, Anytime Upgrade to Windows7 HP SP!. IE9 Ceased operating, Non Responsive RRS feed

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  • To reiterate PC came with Vista HP SP1Utilizing Windows Anytime upgrades I installed Vista Professional Sp1, Then Windows7 HP SP1. Utilized PC extensively for about 3 yrs. Intel Core2Duo ,4GBDDR2 Ram, Nvidia GEforce 8400, Creative SounBlaster Audio HI Fi, 7.1, REaltek PCIe GBE Family Controller, Intel ICH9USB Host Controller, VIXS Pure TV-U48B0(NTSC/ATSC) Combo,  AFew months ago IE9 began acting erratically, Intermittent to consistent. Generally "Non-Responsive" Tried 7 ISP same results. Tried IE no add-ons, Same results, Uninstalled IE9 update & reinstalled, Same results, Rest IE properties, Ran MS IE Auto helper. Flushed DNS, Ran SFC Scannow, No resul;ts I was able to install through a Google earth update. I can browse at my hearts content. No crashing or freezing. Able to get on line again (connection has never been an issue !00mbs. Yesterday my audio rapidily began deterioating. Light Static To complete static. WMP &Center & Skype & Pandora of coarse CD's all unusable. I ran scans with Kaspersky, TrendMicro Titanium, McCafe MS Safety Scanner, Ms Security Essentials, Norton 360 ,Housecall, Spybot, IOBIT Antimalware, Windows Defender malwaebytes. I did remove about 24 Trojans. Not Certain but believe that was beginning of Audio problems. (Never Had 2 Security items together. I have extensive time in this"fix" I am thinking of utilizing HP's (d) RECOVERY Drive. I have no experience with this. Will I end up with Vista? Please give suggestions as I'm quickly losing it. I just want my comfortable friend IE9 functioning and Must have Audio. Thanks in advance for time and effort, Be Well J.P

    John Peppe

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:40 PM