FOpen, FRead, FWrite, FClose Replacement...


  • Hello Guys!!

         My new game Core was in road, everything working fine. I've create a wizard to start my program, but for the publish it's gonna be for later Static LIB seem to not work with Using Namespace. Anyways, that not the point for the moment.

    I've some problem with _wfopen_s in write mode. Oki Windows Apps have new rules. let's resume:

    1. I can read from Appx Folder and subfolder.

    2. I Cannot write to Appx Folder and subfolder. (current problem, no place to save... must review #3)

    3. Some forum rules says: you must past by Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder to acces to write (thru IStorageFolder)

    4. Other path need the Runtime Broker to CreateFile for you, must use async IO. (non-async way?) or inside (async operation + operation complete)

    Now if i will convert to Metro style (IStorage Runtime), which function who can replace FWRITE/FREAD And does it's possible to be in binary file mode?

    Just find Text mode and xml style (add key)... need to read or write in integer or a float.

    Friday, May 9, 2014 4:32 AM


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