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  • Hi Everyone,

    We have been working with various versions of word now for quite a few years; one of our requirements is control over the headings in the document map.

    In early versions of word such as 2003, we could decide which headings would be opened by default within the document map.  Controlling the document map was not accessible by macros in this version of word, however this could be done by manually selecting which headings were open/closed, then sign the document with a code signature. For some reason, this would then save the document map with the selected headings opened/closed.

    When word 2007 was released this method no longer worked. However a new method was then introduced into macros, which enabled us to select which heading group to have open as default, and to show the document map. We then put the following lines of code in the auto open macro so that this executes on document open:

       ActiveWindow.View.ShowHeading 2

       ActiveWindow.DocumentMap = True

    With the release of office 2010, the document map has been renamed to 'Navigation', and it appears that this is code no longer works. We have taken the following steps to try and replicate it:

    • Placing the above code in a macro
    • Recording a new macro whilst collapsing the heading in the navigation pane (to see if the code has changed or disappeared; It’s disappeared)
    • Looking around the raw structure of the word document to see if there is any indication of a flag that could be used
    • Googling for answers..

    We've not had any success from any of the above, and we're starting to exhaust our ideas.

    This link shows the steps we take to manually collapse the navigation pane to 'Heading 2'. For presentation purposes to our users, it’s important that these headings are shown at a set level to the user upon load. There is quite a depth to the hierarchy, so it makes the navigation impractical if they are all open to begin with.


    Has anyone come across ways to control the document map like this? Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks, Radderz

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012 8:44 AM


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