what metadata package use for during Metro app communicating with a user-mode driver? RRS feed

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  • Hi all:

    could anyone can tell me what metadata package use for  during Metro app communicating with a user-mode driver?

    when I create a Metadata.package with Device Metadata Authoring Wizard .

    under the associations tap, what means about "Hardware ID" and "Model ID"?

    In  my metadata package, 

    Hardware ID is auto-generated, when I finish to fill the "System manufacture" blank. the value is :


    Is that necessary? what is it used for?

    Model ID is driver GUID, which defined in [AddInterface] of *.inx files in my Driver solution.

    and Is that necessary? if not necessary, how to make association with Metro app and Driver?

    if not an external device, what about virtual device? software only?

    our driver is software only, so the Hardware ID is "ComputerMetadata";

    Is that ok to communicate with Metro App and user mode driver?

    To the question, Do the virtual device of software driver only need a Hardware ID or Model ID or not? and how?

    by the way, could you tell me how to check whether the command line "bcdedit.exe /set testsigning on" is executed correctly or not? Is there any command lines or methods to query test signing status?

    And sometime when finished copying packages to system's local metadata store, in the folder "DeviceMetadataCache", I could not find any cache files about my metadata package, and in "Devices and Printers" page, I could not see the relevant icon about my device. no matter that I restart computer or press "F5" function key lots of times, it is still not work.

    but sometimes when finished copying package, I can see the cache files in folder "DeviceMetadataCache" immediately, and in "Devices and Printers" page it is normal too.

    Look forward to your respond. 


    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 6:44 AM