Sending emails from an email list in excel but having problems with duplicate emails and how to filter them. RRS feed

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    I currently have a monthly list of items that gets populated and assigned to personnel to dispose of before the end of the month.  Sometimes the same person is responsible for a few different items.  In the populated list there's details such as material, description, lot, storage location, amount. My question is there a way to create a macro that will automatically send emails to the individuals that will include some of the descriptions in the body of the email?  For those that are assigned multiple rows, is it possible to send one email with all details.  I'm also okay with not including details and just sending a notification email, but filters out the duplicates as to not send 9 emails to one person. The purpose of this is so that I can send the original notification email to the employees, but then send out occasional reminders during the month. I've played around with some VBA, but other than that do not have much experience. I was able to get one macro to work, but ran into the issue of sending multiple emails to one person. Below is a made up table, but close enough to what I'm actually working with. Any help would be appreciated


    Material Material Description Batch Strge Bin / # HUs Retest or Discard Date Disposition Responsible Party
    Lettuce Iceberg 4 pounds Fridge 1 7/1/2020 Return Scott
    Kale Leafy 3 pounds Fridge 1 7/7/2020 Dispose Shannon
    Oranges Nectorines 5 pounds Fridge 2 7/7/2020 Dispose Scott
    Apples Granny Smith 2 pounds Fridge 3 7/9/2020 Return Patrick
    Bananas Yellow 5 pounds Fridge 2 7/12/2020 Return Patrick
    Poultry Chicken 75 pounds Freezer 1 7/18/2020 Dispose Dale
    Steak Ribeyes 25 pounds Freezer 2 7/19/2020 Dispose Brandon

    Monday, July 27, 2020 10:32 PM

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