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  • I create a program using C# and OpenCvSharp4 to recognize image line.

    First,import image using OpenCv Imread Method.

    And then, to recognize line, I'm using OpenCv HoughLineP method.

    When I get Line Point array, i draw line with foreach loop.

    All of above is included in one method and I am calling this method when OpenCv Trackbar Position change event.

    About 1000 times of changing Trackbar Position, that means, calling above method 1000 time continuously,

    FetalExecutionEngineError was detected.

    How can i solved this error?

    I have no idea why this error is coming and can't catch.

    Is it concerned CLR of VS or OpenCv?

    Please help Me.


    Thursday, April 2, 2020 3:27 AM

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