Word sometimes hangs during shutdown after 1912 update RRS feed

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  • We have seen the following issue on a customer's machine after the upgrade of Office 2019 to Version 1912:

    When trying to close Word after creating a new document from a template, the window "hangs" and becomes unresponsive. ProcessMonitor shows that the process is mostly idle, but tries to access (successfully) "centraltable.accdb" every few seconds. I know that this file is related to the MS Upload Center, but there is no (deliberate) cloud saving involved.

    We were unable to produce a reliable repro case. The problem seems to happen more consistently when creating the new document through automation (nothing fancy, just CreateObject, Document.Add Template:=..., Visible = True, and setting all objects to Nothing), but it also happened (sporadically) during our tests when creating the new document through the Word UI.

    I only happend on the customer's machine (Word 2019 v1912), and we were unable to reproduce it in our office (Word 2016 v1912).

    The issue is definitely related to the 1912 update: After reverting the customer's version of Office to 1911, the problem stops appearing, and after re-updating it to 1912, the problem appears again.

    I know that all this is very vague, but maybe it helps someone else find a repro case for this.

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    Monday, January 20, 2020 9:28 AM