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    I would like to know why the kinect v2 for xbox one being pluged it through Microsoft adapter Kinect for Windows is being recognized as audio device and not as I think it should be a video device because kinect as first priority is a device to show and analyze actuall view (picture). 

    I'm currently working on a program (in visual studio on open cv and open ni) that will be able to show the view in few additional programs as the SDK for Kinect program can, but I cant connect to Kinect because the command cv::VideoCapture capture(0) is reffered to all cams that are plugged in to PC but the number 0 is for integral or default cam and 1600 is said to be for Kinect in library videoio.cpp and it is not working and programm is crashing at that line. 

    At first I wanted to change default camera to be a kinect but it is not video device, but audio device. 

    Then I tried to change with help of additional programs from forum but it is not working either. 

    The Microsoft support also dont know what to do so I'm asking You guys for help because this is kinda urgent project. 

    Thanks for help


    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:57 AM


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