Routing Preserved interchange RRS feed

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  • I have a scenario in which I will be receiving multiple X12 interchanges in a single file.. Requirement is is to route them as seperate interchanges to different partners (with out any change in the data)..


    I am using following method..I would be receiving message through a recv port having EDI Receive (with PreserveInterchange as true).. I have send ports with filters on ISA08 (recvr id) which will pick the msg from msgbox and send to trading partners...


    As per the help documentation,


    "BizTalk Server will expect a functional acknowledgment for either X12 or EDIFACT encoding if the Functional ACK (Integrated with ACK Reporting) checkbox is selected in the ACK Processing and Validation Settings page of the EDI Properties dialog box for a party. This also enables the functional acknowledgment to be tracked in the Interchange ACK Details status report."


    Can I enable this feature in an outgoing message (preserved interchange) without using a Party?


    Or can I use the Functional Acknowledgment options set in the Party for a preserved interchange message I am sending through EDI send pipeline?


    Do I need to have a request-response port to have this feature enabled? If I could use static receive port how  will I enable correlation between EDI message I sent and 997 ACK I received?


    Appreciate all your help all this..


    Thursday, August 30, 2007 1:44 PM


  • That particular setting is only available in the party EDI settings. It is not available as a global property or as a pipeline setting. you can use the party setting for a preserved interchange. you do not need a request-response port to leverage this. the EDI receive pipeline will automatically correlate incoming 997s with the originating transaction through BAM activities.


    By the way, the only thing that functional ack check box does is to cause a field in the BAM activity to be populated (FunctionAckExpected). It doesn't actually effect whether or not an inbound 997 would be correlated with its original transaction. it is there to support functional ack tracking, but a report that leverages it was never developed.


    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 5:05 PM