How to read and process .xef files created by Kinect Studio? RRS feed

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  • Not possible as far as I know. You can only mess with the Metadata but not the raw data themselves.

    Also what do you mean by points? Do you want to delete a point in time, meaning a whole instance of the depth map? Or to delete actual X,Y depth points inside the map? If you want the latter than you will break the convention of the depth map being 512x424 as well as perhaps the mapping of points.

    If you want to ignore a point in time(basically any data associated with a timestamp) just open the xef in Kinect Studio for Edit and add a Timestamp type metadata key with a name. Then when it's time to use the data set, query the metadata for the key and just ignore the data when the timestamp is the one specified by the value of the metadata key.

    Friday, August 25, 2017 8:57 AM