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  • Hello all,

    I have attempted to install both Net Framework 4.0 Client and Full under Windows XP to no avail.  Below is the pertinent section of the error log (until this point install process runs successfully):

    Verifying Digital Signatures: C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]Possible transient lock. WinVerifyTrust failed with error: 2148204800
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]Possible transient lock. WinVerifyTrust failed with error: 2148204800
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi - Signature verification for file netfx_Core_x86.msi (C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi) failed with error 0x800b0100 (No signature was present in the subject.)
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4] C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi Signature could not be verified for netfx_Core_x86.msi
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]No FileHash provided. Cannot perform FileHash verification for netfx_Core_x86.msi
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]File netfx_Core_x86.msi (C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi), failed authentication. (Error = -2146762496). It is recommended that you delete this file and retry setup again.
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]Failed to verify and authenticate the file -C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi
    [6/4/2011, 17:0:4]Please delete the file, C:\7121b4750dc70077691c\netfx_Core_x86.msi and run the package again

    On the Installation screen I get GENERAL TRUST FAILURE

    I went to properties for the file in question, netfx_Core_x86.msi.  It is listed as "opens with" Windows Installer, but there are only three tabs: General, Custom, and Summary.  There is NO Digital Signature tab. 

    I looked at properties for a file that did authenticate during initial install process, Windows6.0-KB956250-v6001-x86.msu, and it does contain the required Digital Signature Tab.  The .msu file does NOT have an "opens with" program association, btw. 

    After scouring the message boards I discovered that others had this issue with the .msi but some may have had a digital signature tab present that they were able to then install in the certificate directory of their HD.  I do not have this option as there is no tab for it.  I attempted to disassociate .msi with the Windows Installer in the hopes that it might then display the Digital Signature tab but the computer immediately reverted back to using "msiexec" to open the file type.

    Any advice would be very much appreciated!



    Sunday, June 5, 2011 12:05 AM


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  • What Service Pack level on your Windows XP?

    Please collect the installation logs with this tool:

    After you run Collect.exe, you will find the file in your %temp% directory.

    Upload to a public site, like SkyDrive, then post the link here.


    Sunday, June 5, 2011 2:03 PM
  • Hi Garrett,

    Any update? Has this issue resolved?

    According to the error message, it appears that there are some verification/authentication issue with the installation. Did you run the setup with Administrator privilege?

    Also, please download the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (Standalone Installer) from the link below, and use it to install:

    Before install Visual Studio, please turn off your anti-virus/antispyware software; clean your %temp% folder (Start Menu >> Run >> Type "%temp%). Then run the setup with Administrator privilege:

    • Make sure your user account is in Administrators group;
    • Right-click the installer -> Properties -> Security tab -> add your account with Full control.

    If still no avail, would you please help collect the installation logs and upload it online?

    Best Regards,

    Andrew Wu [MSFT]
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    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 7:09 AM