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  • If you don't have WDP installed in a multi-boot scenario, this post doesn't apply to you. If WDP is the only OS, or if you have the option disabled to show boot options at power-on, it starts very fast and is ready to go. If you have a multi-boot setup with windows 7, it sux a little. If you have a multi-boot setup with XP, or XP and 7 as I do, it sux a lot. If your multi-boot is just with 7, it sux a little because after taking the time to load the boot menu, (which doesn't load first on WDP) if you choose windows 7, it takes about 30 seconds to shut down what had already been loaded, then completely restarts the PC to boot 7. This leads to a total windows 7 boot time of 1.5 to 2 minutes. That sux a little. When multi-booting XP or XP and 7, it sux a lot because the new boot menu doesn't recognize XP, so it doesn't show it as an option on the multi-boot menu. The only way you can multi-boot XP with WDP is to boot to WDP, then go to Advanced System Properties, then Startup and Recovery, then set it to boot Earlier Version of Windows by default. Then you have to make it show the boot menu for long enough to be able to choose WDP if you want to boot it, which is most of the time. So when I want to boot to WDP, I can't just push the power button. I have to sit there and wait for the menu to come up. This results in a total boot time to XP of about 2 minutes, because even if it is starting the default, the WDP boot menu still has to shut down and restart the PC. I would like to just push the button and 30 seconds later, WDP is up and running, but since I need the option to boot XP now and then, I have to set it as the default. That sux a lot.
    Friday, October 14, 2011 10:42 PM

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  • Update... This week, my PC has gone back to using the windows 7 boot menu for no apparent reason. This is just fine with me, because like I said before, WDP's new boot menu sux.
    Friday, October 21, 2011 1:46 AM